Legislative Update

The Latest Progress On Protecting Hypnotists & Other Health Practitioners From Psychotherapy Legislation In Ontario**

MHS Canada Representative Robbie Spier Miller and NGH Representative Reverend Timothy Jones met with the CRPO to request amending the College of Psychotherapists act to include “Safe Harbour” provisions similar to those in Quebec. CRPO Registrar Joyce Rowlands agreed to consider this.

The basic message was that the College of Psychotherapists is focused on regulating their own members, and are generally not concerned with hypnotists or other healing practitioners.

The College has no intention of defining what it means to have a “serious disorder”. However, it there was a complaint, they would investigate and be concerned about extreme cases of failure to refer out. They are expecting their own psychotherapists to make appropriate referrals too. So remember the mantra “If in doubt, refer out.” **

Check out this statement summarizing their position.

Find out more about the Ontario legislation.

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